Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas

Charlotte Amalie St Thomas

St. Thomas Island is the gateway of business, cruise ships, tourism, and now dolphins of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The best things this island is known for are its beaches and snorkeling spots.  The U.S. Virgin Island’s territorial capital is Charlotte Amalie, a busy cruise-ship port. The cruise ship industry is big business here in the islands. There are also many historic buildings that include a 1679 watchtower called Blackbeard’s Castle, in reference to the area’s pirate history. In the St. Thomas harbor, 17th-century Fort Christian is now a local-history museum and fun place to visit.

There is something for everyone here !

Dolphins and More in St. Thomas

We are now representing Coral World in St. Thomas because Dolphins have arrived to make this attraction top notch for many visitors to the island. This facility has a long history of providing many animal exhibits, which include Sea Lions, Rays, Turtles and Birds. They spent 10 years building a state-of-the-art area that houses beautiful bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins have over 1 acre of area to swim and play. This facility has always had an ecological mandate to teach the guests from the local population to the overseas visitors how to respect and love the sea animals.

The address for the facility:
6450 Coki Point
St.  Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802
US Virgin Islands

swimming with dolphins st thomas

Dolphin Swim and Splash Program

You can swim with the dolphins in a totally natural ocean environment with these amazing animals. This St. Thomas swim with dolphins program allows you to spend 20 minutes in shallow and deep ocean water. This program requires you to be a good swimmer because you will need to tread water while you get to pet and play with the dolphins. Smile because you will get to swim with them in their natural habitat, even though you don’t get any rides or push with the dolphins here, this is the new trend to let the dolphins decide how they want to interact with you. Each day will be different because it is up to the dolphins and then the trainers how the dolphins will interact with you. The dolphins really enjoy this because their many years of training helps them understand and know what the dolphins want to do and how they will interact with you. You can, however, expect to pet and feed the dolphins a lot. So, get get ready for a dolphin swim in St. Thomas that is unique and different than any other facilities.

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Dolphin Encounter and Moment Program

The Dolphin Encounter and Moment is where you spend a quick but enjoyable shallow water experience with the dolphins. You will climb down a ladder to a safe shallow water platform for a chance to pet and feed the dolphins. Many young children and adventure seekers that cannot swim will really have a great time with this program.  Feeling the skin of these wonderful free-swimming dolphins is incredibly special.  You will have a life vest on to help you feel safe on this platform so you won’t have to worry about falling into the deep water. The dolphins echo location knows that you are on a platform and they will gently let you interact with them. This program is different from the Dolphin Swim and Splash because the dolphins’ behaviors are little more consistent than the  unscripted, where dolphins and trainer decide on the behaviors that day.

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swimming with sea lions st thomas

Sea Lion Swim Program

The Sea Lion Swim gets you out in the water with a big South American friend. You will spend time on the deck area and the trainer will explain about this unique sea creature and all the unique attributes it has, including its hair, teeth, whiskers, flippers and wonderful eyes to see above and below the water. After getting some great photos on the deck, you will climb into the big sea lion pool and really see how mobile and agile these animals are in the water. As they swim and splash about you, you will get to really pet and play with them. Don’t get intimidated when they zoom by you in the water, because the sea lion is so smart, they will miss you every time. For the novice adventure seeker, this program will really get your heart pumping. The sea lion weighs about 400 pounds and they swim so fast and wonderfully.  This program would be great for a combination with the dolphin program.

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Sea Lion Encounter

Are you looking for a program that is best suited for younger children? This is the program for you. You can bring your 1 year old with you in this program. You will meet the Sea Lion on a safe platform, where you get to pet and kiss this fun clown of the sea. Everyone will get a photo opportunity with the sea lion. So you and the whole family can get involved here and you will have a photo memory to bring home so you never forget your vacation to St. Thomas.

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Sea Trek in St Thomas USVI

Sea Trek Underwater Adventure

The Sea Trek is your chance to explore the real ocean floor with a safe diving helmet.  This helmet is connected to an above-water oxygen tank to keep the ocean water out of your face. You will climb down a ladder into the Caribbean Sea to have a chance to be a real Jacque Cousteau and see the many fish that inhabit this crystal-clear ocean. Most days you’ll be able to glimpse snappers, groupers and huge tarpons. You will have multiple staff divers there to assure your safety and make sure you have a great time under the sea.  This 20- to 30-minute sea adventure is another perfect add-on to your dolphin or sea lion program. We call it the triple play when you do all three activities, dolphins, sea lions and sea trek. So consider experiencing a triple play for yourself!!

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Transportation in St. Thomas

Rent a Car

Car rental services (Avis, Budget, and Hertz) are available at the airport in St. Thomas and should be arranged well in advance to ensure availability. You can book in advance online or call your local travel agent. If you opt to rent a car, note that you will get an American type car but you will drive British style on the LEFT side of the road. This can be a challenge if you have never driven on the left side. Also, the roads are very narrow and very curvy because of the many hills on St. Thomas. Be sure to ask the rental company to provide you with a map of the island. GPS services do not typically work on the St. Thomas because we lack a standard address system. We would not recommend a car on your first visit until you get used to the road system and driving styles.

Rent from the airport

Cyril E. King Airport
Airport Rd, Charlotte Amalie West
St Thomas 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands


There are many taxi companies and all the rates are regulated so you can ask for the rate and it will be the same for each company. Taxis charge per person and per bag, with average taxi fare from the airport at $7-$15 per person plus $4 for large bags and $2 for small bags. There is no uber or lyft on St. Thomas. Another convenient option is a private transportation that will save you the hassle and the wasted time with a friendly personal driver who is ready and waiting the moment you get you straight to your island home or hotel.

Kelly’s Taxi and Limo Service
PO Box 8264 St. Thomas, VI
(301) 332-7577

Local Jitney Bus

Public transportation services are available on St. Thomas through the bus system and safari bus routes. The fares are $1 per person but routes are limited. This form of transportation is not recommended as you will likely have to taxi to or from a pickup location.


Where to Stay in St Thomas to Be Close

Margaritaville St Thomas

Margaritta Ville in St Thomas

Walking Distance to Coral World

Although there are many great places to stay in St. Thomas such as the Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Frenchman’s Cove and numerous Air BNB options, the best place to stay closest to Coral World is Margaritaville Hotel. How close will you be to the facility? You can see Coral World from the Lobby area.

Margaritaville is literally a 5-minute walk to Coral World, walking on sand, then up a hill on a slightly winding road that you will follow straight to the facility so you cannot get lost.  There are also 3 shuttles that leave the Margaritaville hotel 3 times per day that will drive you there if you are not able to walk.  You can see the concierge for shuttle service schedule.

Margaritaville Hotel is a timeshare run by Wyndham and owned by RCI, but also rents rooms by the night.  This facility is well run with a laidback ambiance and the grounds are kept immaculately. Inspired by the lyrics of Jimmy Buffet…music is piped through the resort, and the tunes compliment the white sand beach and crystal clear water.

The beach is being restored due to beach erosion caused by past hurricanes.  The rooms have been beautifully redone with a modern touch.  See-through curtains let in the natural light while privacy curtains can be drawn so no one can see into the room. The bathroom has a frameless shower and water efficient plumbing.  There is a ceiling fan to circulate the air although the air condition blows cold air.

The room has a microwave, coffee machine, sink area, utensils, cups and plates if you like eating in.  Each room has a signature frozen drink Margarita maker with many Margarita glasses to make your own frozen drinks!  The hotel room is very comfortable while the hotel offers many amenities such as work-out room and spa.

There is a small coffee shop beside the Town Hall building with a few seats inside and outside that serves quick breakfast and lunch / snack items and coffee. They also have many flavors of ice cream that may be purchased as well. This shop also includes a gift shop /souvenir area along with general toiletries and a small limited selection of over-the-counter medication. This resort is a great place to get away and just relax!

The restaurant on property is called the Margaritaville Café.  The menu has a variety to choose from and the prices seemed reasonable.  You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner here. A great mix of delicious food and a bar with many frozen drinks with friendly service.  Don’t forget to try the soup of the day, crab cakes, snapper and flourless chocolate cake!

Some other great restaurants to try for authentic seafood are MIMS, opened for dinner at 5 p.m., and Hook Line and Sinker, which offers a brunch on Sunday and an amazing seafood stuffed Lobster tail for dinner!

The address is..
6080 Estate Smith Bay
St Thomas 00802
U.S. Virgin Islands

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Great Food in St Thomas

Great Food St Thomas

Things to Do in St. Thomas

Coki Point – Beach and Snorkeling

There are many things to do on St. Thomas. The main two attractions are the beaches and snorkeling. If you are looking to combine both in one area then you would consider Coki Point Beach. This beach is not super big, but you can snorkel off the beach here. You can rent snorkel gear from Coki Dive Center. Ask for Pete Jackson and he will get you the right equipment and give a private lesson on snorkeling at a nominal fee. You can call Pete at 340-775-4220. His center is right on the beach.

Coki Point Beach
Coki Point Rd
St Thomas, 00802
U.S. Virgin Islands

Magens Beach

The other big-name beach is Magens Bay Beach. This beach almost looks like a heart shape from an aerial view. This beach is about 1 mile long and has pristine white powdery sand. The water is usually very calm here because the beach is within a cove and this helps keep the water from getting really rough. Many of the rich and famous live along the Magens beach coastline, from Oprah Winfrey, to many other celebrities. There are no hotels along the shores, which helps keep this beach very charming and pristine.

Day Trip to St. John Island

If you stay for a week in St. Thomas, you will want to take a day trip to St. John’s Island. It is about a 20-minute ferry ride and very reasonable priced. St. John island is about 60 percent made of National forests. So this place is a great opportunity to see wild life from deer to exotic birds. So, if you like to hike on foot or bicycle, you should come to St. John’s. The most famous beach to visit here is Cruz bay. It will feel like you are on a totally private beach.

Urman Victor Fredericks Marine Terminal (Red Hook)
Rte 32, Red Hook
St Thomas 00802
U.S. Virgin Islands

Magens Beach - One of the Best

Magens Beach St Thomas USVI

Local Information

St Thomas a Great Vacation Choice

St Thomas A Great Vacation


The weather is typical Caribbean weather. Wonderful and sunny and warm from November to April. From May to October is the rainy season. You could experience tropical storms to hurricanes during this time. So be prepared for super sunny and hot to super cloudy and raining. It could go either way during the rainy season.

Jazz and Music Festivals

There are many jazz and music festivals on the islands. You will need to check the local tour website for a list of upcoming events.

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