Welcoming Greeting from the Dolphins in Punta Cana
  • January 1, 2021
  • By John McNamara

There truly is no place more perfect than Dolphin Discovery Punta Cana Park to go to for some guaranteed fun! You will be immediately greeted by  a pod of playful and jumping dolphins, one of these wonderful animals is going to be the one you are going to make that special connection with that will make you wanting to come back for more.

The silly welcoming party!

As soon as you get off the van, there is already a crowd waiting for you. The dolphins poke their heads out of the water and call out to you, clapping their fins together in excitement. The cool water splashes on you, a physical sign of the contagious excitement the dolphins are feeling. They can’t wait to play with you!

Once in the water the dolphins swarm you with affection, in welcoming hugs and kisses. Their playful nature and silliness amplifies their friendly and loving disposition! The dolphins swim around you, celebrating your arrival once more and show you how happy they are by showing off some tricks. They’ll jump over you and splash you, squeek with joy as you laugh.

Swimming with the dolphins Bavaro Beach
The Welcoming Party
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Hide and Seek . . .

After you have been smothered with love from the dolphins, you’ll get to watch and see how other interact with the dolphins. You will be able cheer on guests that want to swim and watch the gentle dolphins glide in the water. The dolphins may play hide and seek with you, sitting perfectly still at the ocean floor. It’s almost like if it’s asking you, “Can you find me?”

Dolphin Swim Punta Cana
Playing Hide and Seek

Follow the Leader . . .

The dolphins will swim over to you next and you will be given the chance to follow it and swim along. It’s like it’s playing follow the leader with you, as it takes you around and back and down again. The gentle and relaxed nature of the dolphins will be a stark contrast to the creature you will be might encounter out in the ocean or jungles of the Dominican Republic on other excursions.

dolphin programs in Punta Cana DR
Follow the Dolphin Leader

A Splash of Energy!

The dolphins squeak with joy as you finally make your way to them. They have been dying for attention, feeling starved of love and affection. They splash you and play catch with you. Then the tricks will start and that is when you will “ooh” and “ah” at their acrobatic ease! They will squeak with joy along with every cheer of encouragement you bestow upon them. And then when you start talking among yourselves how wonderful they are, they will once again feel neglected and remind you who the real star is during your swim with dolphins Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

They’ll roll around the water in front you and have you rub their bellies over and over. The kissing will start again, along with the splashing and jumping. There will really be no end to their playing and splashing until it is time for you to leave the beautiful paradise they create for you.

There will be few other places on Earth where you will be greeted with such a parade of beautiful and friendly animals such as these. Every moment you are there with them is precious time you are sharing with them and you are both enjoying each other’s presence; feeding off each other’s positive and playful energy. Come and see and experience these beautiful creatures and feel the joy they are trying to share with you!

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