During the dolphin encounter in Nassau Bahamas, you will get to experience a magical and unique opportunity that is likely to surpass anything you could have previously conceived with respect to interacting and swimming with dolphins. At Blue Lagoon you get to love and bond with these delightful creatures, play with a dolphin in a natural saltwater lagoon habitat. This is something most have only dreamt about, but you are about to experience it first hand. The Dolphin Encounter program in Nassau / Paradise Island Bahamas is perfect for young children and non-swimmers.

How does the Dolphin Encounter in Nassau all start?

The beginning of the experience will begin with a small orientation where you will learn about the dolphin’s habitat and the ocean. Best part; no matter how young or old you are, you can participate in the dolphin encounter! It is also during this time that accommodations will be made for wheelchair guests, should there be any, and the trainer will prepare you the grand entrance of the dolphin.

Fun Dolphin Encounter Video

Dolphin Paradise in Nassau Bahamas

The splashing will begin and the dolphins will leap high in the air, displaying their acrobatic skills for you. They will splash around and circle you as they introduce themselves. They will rub against you, rolling on their bellies, asking you for a belly rub. Dolphins are extremely playful and friendly and they will bask in the attention and love they receive from you, so remember, be generous. They will also hug you and kiss you, squeaking in delight at the new friends they have just made. The fun is just beginning as the positive energy and excitement you are feeling is absorbed by them and given back as his tricks and swimming continue. By the end of it all you can’t help but smile from ear to ear as you have just interacted with one of the most intelligent beautiful and adoring creatures in existence and they gave you their undivided attention, after all you are now their lifelong friends. The shallow water dolphin encounter is a lot of fun, but if you want to go swimming with the dolphins in Nassau Bahamas, we have that program too!!


Souvenirs and Memories for Life

Throughout the entire experience a Blue Lagoon photographer and videographer will be recording your entire experience so that when it is done, you will be able to take it with you and relive the joy you felt in this paradise over and over again.

This experience is unique and almost impossible to recreate. The helpful staff and the fun dolphin is unique to only Blue Lagoon. The beauty of the island and the majesty of the dolphin is unmatched and only here can you find this paradise where you forget the world.

The innocence and excitement of the sea creature will captivate you and mesmerize your soul. The bond formed with this graceful loving creature will be with you for the rest of your life. And no matter what, rain or shine, you will have that bond there waiting for you; waiting to be created and the dolphin waiting to befriend you.


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