Visit Grand Cayman for Fun Dolphin Activities!
  • February 16, 2019
  • By John McNamara

When you think of the Caribbean, what comes to mind? Sexy salsa rhythms or maybe shimmering blue reefs. Perhaps it’s the white sand beaches that capture your imagination or the smell of jasmine and jerk chicken bobbing on ocean breezes.

The Caribbean is no doubt a tropical paradise that lures travelers with its own siren song. But perhaps there is no better blend of Caribbean sights, sounds and scents than Grand Cayman Island vacation .

Known for its cosmopolitan charms, Cayman is alive with culture and diversity. And, Cayman offers a plethora of incredible activities for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s birdwatching, swimming and of course, snorkeling. But perhaps the most thrilling adventure to be had in Grand Cayman are the fun dolphin activities!

How to Get Here and Where to Stay

Flying to Grand Cayman

Most visitors to the island get here either by air or cruise ship.

Flights to the Cayman Islands

Located just 480 miles off the southern tip of Florida, Grand Cayman is an easy destination to get to for those living in North America. A one-hour flight from Miami is all it takes to plant you down in this tropical paradise. And, since Grand Cayman has an international airport, it is easy for people from all over the globe to arrive on its sunny shores.

There are approximately 116 weekly flights to Grand Cayman and nonstop service is available from Miami via American Airlines and Cayman Airways.

If you’re arriving by plane, you most likely will need a hotel room for your stay. Grand Cayman has a lot of wonderful options to choose from, but here are two of our favorite:


the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

Then we highly recommended a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman. On the
grounds of this gorgeous resort you can truly experience what luxury paradise is all about. How would you like to spend an afternoon dozing on a floating water hammock?

Maybe you’d like to eat local seafood masterfully prepared. Then again, a romantic stroll on Seven Mile Beach with the one you love might be just what your vacation needs. The Ritz-Carlton offers all of this and much, much more like spas, ballrooms and family waterparks!


You get a lot for not much at Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach. When you stay here you’ll be just steps from famous Seven Mile Beach and activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

The hotel offers complimentary full hot buffet breakfast, complimentary lounge chairs and umbrellas, hammocks, jacuzzis and free WiFi. Traveling with a large family?

Consider Comfort Suites 2-bedroom suites with kitchenettes and all the conveniences of home.

Arrive by Cruise Ship

a lot of cruise ships come into Grand Cayman

Some of the biggest ships dock along the azure shores of Grand Cayman. And the best part is, when coming to the island via a cruise ship, you don’t have to worry about making accommodation arrangements. Book your stay today on ships from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, AIDA Cruises and many more. And be sure to ask them about the many wonderful day excursions.

Best Time of the Year to Come

Best time to come to Grand Cayman

While the Caribbean is pretty special all year round, there are certain months that are better to visit than others. November through April is when temperatures are what some might call perfect, reaching between 72 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit and, even better, no threat of hurricanes. This time of year is also when the island hosts many of its annual festivals like Pirates Week Festival.

Of course, if you don’t like crowds, this may be the worst time for you to visit. Since the weather is so spot on and safe, and since spring break is generally in April, the island can become a bit crowded. If you don’t mind hotter temps, you might want to go a bit later when the crowds thin out.

Getting Around the Island

Getting around Grand Cayman

You have quite a few options when it comes to making your way around the island.

Many people rent a car. The roads are in decent shape and there are plenty of car rental agencies on the island. Just be advised you must obtain a Visitor’s Permit to drive, and they drive on the left side of the road.

Taxis are available throughout the island and a good way to get around without having to worry about whether or not you’re on the right, I mean, correct side of the road. Be advised that taxis on the island aren’t metered, rather, the fare is set by the government with the initial fare based on 1–3 passengers. Each additional passenger over three, one third of the fare is added. Between the hours of midnight and 6am, 25% of the fare
is added. In very bad weather when there is lots of flooding many taxis add 25%. Since there are so many variables with price, always confirm your fair with the driver before you sit down in the back seat.

And finally, there’s the good ol’ dependable jitney bus. Public transportation connects all of the districts of Grand Cayman. The cool thing is, you can flag down a bus at any time. And, when you want to get off, just let the driver know. Fares are reasonable, ranging from CI$2 for short trips to CI$5 for longer trips to East End or Cayman Kai. And, not
everyone knows this, but if you’re willing to throw in a few extra CI$1 – $3, you can even ask the driver to deviate a little from the normal route.

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins Grand Cayman

And of course, we’ve saved the best information for last. If you’re headed to this Caribbean paradise, and you’re looking for memories that will last a lifetime, then head to Swim with Dolphins Grand Cayman to meet some very special friends.

Swim Adventure Experience

dolphin swim adventure grand cayman

Are you ready for a magical underwater experience that you won’t soon forget? The Dolphin Swim Adventure is a special program because it is so interactive. If you’ve always dreamed of getting up close and personal to these amazing animals, you’ll love this swim adventure.

You’ll get to enjoy activities like hugging and kissing your new friends and help with feeding them. But the best part of the program has to be the famous belly ride. You’ll speed through the water while your dolphin pal pulls you along.

Dolphin Royal Swim

Royal Swim Grand Cayman

Okay, this program isn’t for just anyone… it’s for those who truly crave action and SPEED! The Dolphin Royal Swim program allows you to witness the kinds of skills these sea creatures have. And bets of all, you’ll experience the famous dolphin foot push. Your new dolphin friends will push you from the soles of your feet up through the water surface. You will feel like you are flying! But that’s not all. You’ll also be able to hold on for an awesome dorsal fin ride. Simply incredible.

Visit the Turtle Farm

Grand Cayman Turtle Farm

When you’re done with your swim adventures, be sure to check out the turtle farm in Boatswain’s Park. These turtles are smart and stunning to watch in the water. You’re sure to make a few more friends before you head home.

Vacations only come around once in a while. If you want yours to be as memorable as possible, head to Grand Cayman Island and have an adventure.

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