swim with dolphins st thomas USVI
Are you looking for a fun way to interact with dolphins? You can swim with the neigboring Island of Tortola, a short ferry ride away. We have just the program for you! We offer a swim in dolphins St Thomas to Tortola for almost everyone to enjoy.

If you are staying on the island, you will need to take a quick ferry ride, 8:30am daily, from Charlotte Amalie or Red Hook Terminal to Tortola for the dolphin program. Either you will land at West End or Road Town Terminal on Tortola. Remember, you need to take your Passport to gain entrance to this British colony. Once on Tortola, you will take a quick taxi ride to the dolphin facility next to RoadTown.

Can you Swim with Dolphins in St. thomas USVI?

The answer is no but the dolphin program is close by in nearby Tortola. The ferry service from St Thomas to Tortola is very easy and quick, only about 40 minute to 1 hour ride. This swim with the dolphins program on Tortola will be an activity you won’t easily forget about and will be a great memory from your Virgin Island vacation.

The Dolphin Facility has been Closed Since Hurricane Irma. It is supposed to re-open Summer 2019. 

A dynamic and fun program, the Dolphin “Royal” Swim program allows you experience the magic of swimming with dolphins while you perform exhilarating activities with them. Two dolphins welcome you with an affectionate handshake, a kiss on the cheek, and let you give them one as well. Later, they take you for an original and speedy ride while you hold on to their fins. The most thrilling moment of this program is during the foot-push, when you feel all the strength of your new friends while they push you across the water from the bottom of your feet. It is truly “the experience of a lifetime!” ( Ferry is Included in Price)
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The dolphin greets you with a handshake, a kiss on the cheek, and lets you kiss it as well. Later, you will get close and personal with your new friend while it takes you on a belly-ride. At the end, you will be able to enjoy moments of great spontaneity during your free time together. It is an unforgettable experience! Then put on your mask and snorkel to get an incredible view of the dolphins as they speed and spiral swim through the water and demonstrate their amazing agility. At the same time the dolphins will swim frequently in and out of the groups allowing all participants to keep caressing and viewing them from up close. Not to be missed. ( Ferry is Included in Price)

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Discover the dolphin’s best-kept secrets in a safe and fun-filled environment. You will be surprised by the great intelligence and friendliness of these wonderful marine mammals. You will also have the opportunity to hug it, kiss it, let it kiss you on the cheek, and enjoy watching your new friend while it performs a series of amazing behaviors. They will make you tingle with excitement! This program is ideal for children… of all ages. This Dolphin Encounter program is perfect for Cruise Passenger to meet their limited time requirements. ( Ferry is Included in Price).

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