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Miami Beach Swim with Dolphins

If you’re like most people, you only get a short amount of vacation time off once a year. This limited time puts a lot of pressure on families to choose a great destination for their vacation. Well, there’s nothing quite as special as swimming with dolphins near Miami Beach. This blog post will tell you all about the dolphin swim programs, accommodations and other activities in the area, so you can plan your best vacation yet!

When you think of Miami Beach, visions of bronzed and beautiful people playing on soft-sand beaches probably come to mind. Maybe you also see rich and famous people dancing the night away in ultra-hip nightclubs.

While these scenes are definitely part of Miami Beach, there is more to this area than first meets the eye. It’s hard to believe but back in 1915, Miami Beach was only accessible by ferry. Nowadays, Miami Beach is a modern mecca of fashion trends and the modeling industry. It is also a thriving center of Cuban culture, public art and live music.

But what’s even more spectacular than the beautiful people or opulent hotels are the dolphin swim programs in the area. If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do on your next Florida vacation, swimming with dolphins HAS to be it!

Miami Beach – Sun & Fun !

Choosing the Right Dolphin Program

Of all the creatures we share the planet with, dolphins are perhaps the most magical. This is most likely why swimming with them is on so many people’s bucket lists.

Beyond being incredibly intelligent animals, dolphins are also very playful, and they almost seem to be as intrigued by us as we are by them. If you’ve been dreaming of getting up close and personal to these amazing creatures, you are in luck. Dolphin Swim Miami offers some incredibly exciting dolphin programs so you and your loved ones can make memories that will last a lifetime.

Dolphin Swim Miami is a beautiful facility that offers dolphin swim and dolphin encounter programs for individuals, families and large groups. Visitors can expect to learn about dolphins through interactive and educational programs and have a ton of fun at the same time.

Let’s take a look at the programs offered at Dolphin Swim Miami so you can choose the one that’s best for your needs.


Dolphin Swim Program

As the title suggest, this program is for people who are comfortable swimming in deep water. According to the facility’s guidelines, this program is generally for children 8-years and older.

Your program begins with an interactive discussion where you’ll learn about dolphin physiology, dolphin behavior, how they hunt, and how they communicate. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn how trainers work with the dolphins to get them to perform tricks.

Once you’ve learned about the dolphins, it’s time to actually get in the water and meet them face-to-face! You’ll most likely have the same reaction everyone else does when they meet dolphins for the first time. And that is your mouth will drop open, your eyes will get huge, and then you’ll start giggling as these silly creatures start their antics in an attempt to get you to laugh.

You’ll be able to spend about a half hour swimming around with your new sea friends. You can hug and kiss them and I’m sure they will dazzle you with their midair acrobatics.

And just when you thought you couldn’t have any more fun, the REAL fun begins. It’s time for your new friend to give you the thrill of a lifetime by taking you for a dorsal fin ride. You’ll hold onto the dolphin’s dorsal fin tightly as they swim around the water fast.  Most program participants exclaim afterward that they felt like they were flying!

After your wonderful encounter, you’ll want to spend some time exploring the rest of the park because there are other amazing animals to see and interact with.

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Dolphin Encounter

You may be wondering if you can spend time with dolphins if you or someone in your group isn’t a good swimmer. Yes, you absolutely can by taking part in the Dolphin Encounter program.

This program is perfect for families with very little ones, seniors, or anyone who isn’t a confident swimmer because it takes place in shallow water. But just because it takes place in shallow water doesn’t mean you won’t have your own adventure.

The Dolphin Encounter also starts with an interactive educational component where you’ll learn about dolphin behavior and habitat, as well as their biology and methods of communication. You will also be able to ask questions and learn how trainers get dolphins to perform tricks.

Once this part of the program has ended, you can slip into the shallow water and get up-close-and-personal with your new pals. You’ll get to spend time hugging, kissing and splashing around with your new dolphin friends. When your time is over, you’ll be ready to sign up for another trip to Dolphin World Miami, because you will have never had as much fun in your life!

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Welcome to the Dolphin World Miami Facility – Located on Gorgeous Key Biscayne

Your time at Dolphin World Miami will be memorable not just because of your interactions with the dolphins, but also because the facility itself is special. First of all, let’s talk location! If you’ve never been to Key Biscayne before, you are in for a visual treat.

Key Biscayne is a set of islands that extend from downtown Miami. It’s an absolutely  lovely setting that sets the perfect tone for your visit.

Another wonderful thing about Dolphin World Miami is the fact that the people who run it are so caring. They not only care very much about dolphins and their well-being, they also care about the visitors who travel to the facility each year.

The staff and trainers are committed to teaching the masses about how incredibly special Bottlenose Dolphins are. They dedicate their time and energy to offer guidance on how we can all help these creatures thrive in the world. They also put a lot of effort into ensuring all visitors to the facility have the experience of a lifetime. And to help you remember your special day at Dolphin World, the team provides a professionally-taken photo of your time in the water with your dolphin pals.

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Getting There

No matter where in Miami you are staying, Dolphin World Miami is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Here are some ways you can get to the facility and back:

Car Rental

If you will be flying in Miami, renting a car at the airport might be an option for you. Miami International Airport offers many car rental agencies, including Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, and more. Give them a call for pricing or check online.

Now, from personal experience, we know there are pros and cons to renting a car on holiday. Let’s start with the pros:

  • You can travel at your own pace and schedule instead of relying on the schedules of public transportation.
  • Traveling with little ones or seniors can be tricky with public transport. Your own car will offer more comfort and a silent place to nap.
  • You don’t have to spend so much time each day with John Q. Public.

Okay, so what are some of the cons to renting a car while on holiday?

  • It’s an added expense. When you factor in gas and possible parking fees and insurance, the costs can really add up.
  • Driving around in a strange and busy city can be stressful and even dangerous.
  • Parking, especially in a big city, can be an absolute nightmare. And expensive!


Being a major city, Miami has metrobuses that get residents and visitors all over the city. The 119 and 102 buses all head to Key Biscayne. The cost is $8 for adults and the trip takes about an hour and a half from downtown.


Hiring a driver through an app like Lyft or Uber may also be a good option for you. A quick search showed me a Lyft car would charge roughly $20 to take you from Miami Beach to Key Biscayne. You’ll get to your destination in about a half hour depending on traffic. Of course, if you’re traveling with a lot of other people, this may not work as well.


Accommodations in Miami Beach, Florida

We love Miami and often stay in the Miami Beach area. Below are some of our top recommendations for hotels. We don’t get any kickbacks for recommending these hotels to you, we just think they are pretty great.

We’ve also picked them based on cost. You’ll find an inexpensive hotel on the list, a mid-range, and a pricier option.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach Hotels

Chelsea Hotel

Oddly enough, our most inexpensive hotel is set in a 1936 luxury Art Deco building that sits in the center of all of the attractions on Washington Avenue. The Chelsea Hotel boasts tasteful furnishings and decorations. Enjoy 300-thread count sheets, flat screen TV and free Wifi in your room. You will also love having evening drinks on the hotel’s private patio. Best part is this hotel is just 2 blocks from famous Ocean Drive and the sands of the beach.
If you are looking for exceptional accommodations set in a great area and is affordable, you can’t beat the Chelsea Hotel.

44 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 534-4069

The Confidante Miami Beach

Did someone order an oceanfront oasis? Retro glam meets playfulness in this modern Miami Beach luxury hotel. You’ll be just minutes away from the buzz of South Beach, artsy Wynwood and the Design District.

Guests will enjoy the relaxed vibe and the historical details throughout the mid-century modern space. Rooms are spacious and comfortable with touches of luxury here and there. The hotel boasts two heated swimming pools, rooftop spa and 24-hour indoor/outdoor fitness center. While Miami Beach offers a ton of dining options, feel free to stay in and enjoy dinner at the hotel’s Bird & Bone restaurant.

If you want to stay at a hotel that makes you feel like a million bucks, without having to actually spend that much, this mid-priced option will thrill you.

4041 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(833) 816-4530

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

If there is one word that comes to mind when viewing this hotel, it would have to be striking. This hotel is right out of the Golden Era of architecture and design, yet tastefully updated with modern luxuries.

Former guests have left reviews of this hotel, and from reading many of them, we can tell you that staying at this hotel is a totally different kind of experience. It’s as if contemporary art, music, fashion and technology have all merged to provide a unique experience.

But don’t think your senses will be overwhelmed. On the contrary, this hotel offers peace and relaxation to all who step inside. And your every whim will be pampered.

After a $1 billion renovation, this 22-acre oceanfront hotel features signature restaurants by award-winning chefs. There are also two onsite nightclubs to explore, a 40,000 square-foot spa, expansive poolscape, and state-of0the-art event facilities.
The Fontainebleau has been a landmark in Miami Beach since the 1950s and it’s very easy to see why. If your budget allows, we can’t recommend this hotel enough.

4441 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(800) 548-8886

Things to Do in Miami Beach

While we absolutely think swimming with dolphins should be at the top of your list, there are some other cool activities to do in Miami Beach.

Things to do Miami Beach Boardwalk

Little Havana Bike and Food Tour

Take a 3.5-hour bike tour of Miami’s famous Little Havana. Bikes and helmets are provided.

This fairly easy 8-mile route passes by several family-owned and operated Cuban restaurants. You’ll be able to taste some of the best local cuisine in the area. You’ll also learn about the history and culture of the area’s Cuban heritage.

After you’ve stuffed your face with some deliciousness, it’s time to peddle off some calories. Cruise by iconic Freedom Tower, an ex-newspaper office and immigration facility where thousands of fleeing Cubans were received into the United States in the 1950s. The tower now houses the art exhibits of Cuban immigrants. There’s also the El Credito Cigar Factory, where skilled Cubans still roll cigars by hand today.
The tour concludes back in Miami Beach.

210 10th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Therapy IV Deep Sea Fishing Experience

If you love fishing and you’re headed to the Miami area, you can’t NOT go deep sea fishing. Take a boat out and do your best to catch some big game fish like marlin, sailfish, shark, tuna, mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper and tarpon.

Captain Stan and his crew will absolutely show you a good time. They know these South Florida waters like the back of their hand because they have been fishing them for 45 years!

You have the option of chartering a private boat or sharing a charter for a half day or full day. Experience an absolute thrill.

10800 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33154
(305) 945-1578

Miami Duck Tour

If you’ve never gone on a duck tour, you’re in for a real treat. Located in the heart of the South Beach District, this tour will give you a very unique perspective of some of the city’s most spectacular landmarks.

You’ll drive through Lummus Park, by the Villa Casa Casuarina (also known as the Versace Mansion), Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue, Lincoln Road Mall and Espanola Way. And then you’ll enjoy a dramatic splashdown into beautiful Biscayne Bay for a closer look at the many homes of the rich and famous on Star, Hibiscus and Palm Islands.

1661 James Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-2217

Local Information

Great Weather in Miami Beach

Weather Miami Beach


It’s always important to plan your vacation around weather patterns. Particularly when you are coming to a warmer climate like South Florida.

Miami’s climate is definitely tropical. Which can be really nice when you are trying to escape the snowstorms of the northeast. But bear in mind that Miami in the summer months can be awfully hot and humid. If humidity doesn’t thrill you, then you will want to book your trip during the months of January – April.


They may call the Big Apple the city that never sleeps, but there aren’t many siestas happening in Miami Beach either. There is always something fun happening here. From concerts to food festivals to film festivals and multicultural events and art shows, there is something for everyone in Miami, Florida.

You can find out scheduled events here.

Helpful Travel Links

Miami Chamber of Tourism

Miami Chamber of Commerce

Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

Miami International Airport (MIA)

Vacations are special, and they only come around once every so often. If you want to make the most of yours, I highly suggest you book a flight to Miami Beach! And while you are here, definitely make some time to spend at Dolphin World Miami to swim with the dolphins near Miami Beach.

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