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Vacations are special, mostly because they only come around once a year. So you want to get them right and choose a destination that offers fun, adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime. Well you’ll get all of that and more in the Caribbean. Especially if you plan to swim with dolphins near Nassau, Bahamas!

Nassau stands out among other areas of the Bahamas. For starters, it is the country’s only bonafide city, offering a lot of hustle and bustle you don’t find anywhere else. At just about any hour of the day, Nassau is packed with jitneys, food vendors, cruise-ship passengers and rum-happy locals, all enjoying the island vibe.

It’s also no surprise that this tropical modern tax haven was once home to 18th-century pirates looking for a place hide their stolen treasures. In fact, the wealthy have always been drawn to Nassau. Stroll along cobbled streets to view the grand, Georgian homes and government building built by the elite class.

Beyond stunning architecture, Nassau also offers unparalleled outdoor activities. From snorkeling to scuba diving, fishing, hiking and biking, the fantastic weather allows adrenaline junkies to get their fix pretty much 365 days a year.

But if you REALLY want to have an experience that will get your heart racing and your face smiling, then you should absolutely swim with dolphins near Nassau, Bahamas. Keep reading to learn about the fun and educational programs available at Dolphin World Nassau.

The Jewel of the Bahamas

Dolphin Swim Programs in Nassau, Bahamas

Stop anyone on the street and ask them to name the animal they think is the most magical, and chances are a majority will say “dolphin,” followed by dogs, because hey, they are our best friends. But what is it exactly about dolphins that has fascinated human beings for so long?

Perhaps it’s the fact that they are so intelligent. Or maybe the fact they are so playful and fun? Then again, we may have a fascination with dolphins because dolphins seem to have a fascination with us. We’ve all heard those stories of dolphins in the wild swimming up to humans curiously, or dolphins saving humans when sharks were around.

More than likely, we love dolphins for ALL of these reasons. If you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins and you’re headed to Nassau, Bahamas, you’ll definitely want to check out the dolphin programs at Dolphin World. Here’s what you can expect:


The Dolphin Swim Program

Great for children (ages 6+) and adults who are solid swimmers and comfortable in the water, the Dolphin Swim Program in Nassau will get you up-close-and-personal to these magical creatures.

The program will start with a brief educational introduction where you will learn all about dolphin physiology and behavior. You’ll also learn how they communicate with one another and hunt in the wild. There will also be some time left for Q&A.

Once everyone’s questions have been answered, it’s time to slip into the water to meet your new friends. The water is deep enough for the dolphins to comfortably swim in, that’s why it’s important that everyone in your party be tall enough and a strong swimmer.

Before long you’ll suddenly see ripples atop the water, then a fin coming right at you. Just when you think the dolphin will run right into you, he or she will jump out of the water and flip above your head. And thus begins your adventure with your new best friend.

Your time with your dolphin pal will begin with some hugging and kissing. Oh, and a whole lot of giggling. We have so many adults tell us they feel like a 10-year-old around these dolphins. Next, your pals will do some more amazing acrobatics for you.

And then, just when you thought you couldn’t have any more fun, the fun REALLY begins. Because now it’s time for you to go for a foot push, belly ride, or dorsal fin ride. You probably saw photos or videos of this when booking your tickets for Dolphin World.

During your ride with the dolphin, you will absolutely feel like you are flying!

Without question, the dolphin swim program is one of the coolest adventures you’ll ever have in your life.

But what do you do if someone in your group is too young or not a great swimmer? Don’t worry, Dolphin World has an exciting program for you, too.

The Dolphin Encounter

The Dolphin Encounter Program in Nassau Bahamas is perfect for families with very little ones, seniors, or anyone who isn’t a confident swimmer because it takes place in shallow water. But don’t be fooled, just because there is less water in the pool doesn’t mean there will be less fun!

This program starts similarly – with an educational component where you will learn all about dolphin behavior, physiology, and how they hunt and communicate. And if you’re lucky and there is time, a trainer may give you some insider secrets on how they get the dolphins to perform amazing stunts and acrobatics. And yes, there will be time to ask any questions you may have.

And then it’s time to get into the water and wait for you new pals to join you. You’ll get to spend about a half hour with the dolphins splashing around and having the most fun you’ve probably ever had in your life.

When the program ends, you are invited to grab some lunch and let the little ones rest. But don’t leave the park yet, because there are more animals and programs to be enjoyed!

Dolphin World Nassau Bahamas – Memories for a Lifetime!

The Dolphin Encounter of Nassau Bahamas is a wonderful facility, not just because of the amazing animals that call it home, but also because of the wonderful staff that work hard every day to make sure those animals are well taken care of. The staff make it a priority to ensure that all visitors have a safe and magical time at their facility.

And speaking of magical, the facility is also located in a lovely setting. Lush landscaping and crystal-clear all natural salt water lagoons await you. Strolling around the property before and after your adventure will put you and your family in a spectacular mood. It’s simply a great place to spend your day.

And just to be sure you remember your time on Blue Lagoon Island, the staff will provide you with a professionally taken photo of your visit with your dolphin pals which you can purchase after your dolphin program.

Swim with Dolphins On Nassau – More Info Here

Getting there for the Swim with Dolphins

Dolphin Encounters is located in Nassau and Paradise Island, so if you are staying anywhere in the area, you’ll most likely be close to the facility. This will make getting there fairly easy. Here are your options:

Rent a Car

If you’re flying into Lynden Pindling International Airport, you’ll have your choice of car rental places like Hertz, Budget and Enterprise to choose from. You can check online or give them a call about rental prices.

Now if you’ve ever rented a car while on vacation, you know that it comes with its good points and bad points. To start, it’s great and very convenient that you can come and go as you please and you don’t have to stick to a bus schedule to get around. That can make vacations challenging, particularly with little ones.

And renting a car can be really great when you are in a warm and sticky climate. If you’ve ever taken public transport that has a broken AC, you KNOW what I mean. Those little ones I just mentioned? The only thing worse than them having a full meltdown in public because they’re tired and hungry, is them having a full meltdown on a HOT BUS!

Now the not-so-great things about renting a car while on vacation…

Well, there is the extra expense. Between the initial cost, daily insurance and fuel, the bill can really grow. There’s also the irritation of having to find parking and the expense of that parking. And, depending on how confident of a driver you are, it may be a bit nerve-wracking driving in an unfamiliar location.

Lynden Pindling International Airport
Windsor Field Road
Nassau, Bahamas


If you don’t love the idea of renting a car and don’t think you’ll be taking too many day trips, then there’s always the bus. You can find official Bahamas bus routes here. < Click Here >

Private Van Shuttle

Of all the transportation options, we think this is the best one. Johnson Bus Service offers round trip shuttle service to and from your hotel in one of their private shuttle vans. We’ve spoken to many people who have told us this was a cost-effective and easy/comfortable option for getting to and from the facility.

Your very own shuttle will pick you up at your hotel in the morning and drive you to the Dolphin Encounters Ferry Terminal on Paradise Island. When your adventure has ended, you will be picked up outside of the facility and dropped back off in front of your hotel.

This shuttle service is a great option because you don’t have to worry about driving around an unfamiliar city or trying to find parking. Plus, not only are the buses and vans air conditioners always working and spotless,  also provide professional local guides to make journey full of fun.

Johnson Taxi and Bus Service
Trinidad Avenue
Nassau, The Bahamas

Map – From Cable Beach to Blue Lagoon

Accommodations Around Nassau, Bahamas

We’ve personally spent a lot of time in Ft. Lauderdale and have stayed at many of the area’s hotels. Here are three we recommend. We don’t get any kickbacks for recommending them, we actually think they are pretty great and affordable.

Wonderful Hotels and Resorts


Nassau offers a ton of accommodations at all different price points. Here are a few of our favorites.

Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas – All-Inclusive

They don’t call it “The Breezes” for nothing. When you stay at this hotel, life is a breeze, pure and simple. What’s not to love about this charming seaside all-inclusive resort that sits right on some of the prettiest stretch of white sands beach the Bahamas offer?

In fact, this is one of the only resorts in all of the Bahamas that is actually beach front, meaning you can slide open your suite door in the morning and step right out onto the sand. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I want my vacation to be like!

And when you add in all of the entertainment options, endless list of activities, fine dining and complimentary drinks and cocktails, staying here is a no-brainer.

Breezes Resort Bahamas All Inclusive
W Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas

 British Colonial Hilton Nassau

If you like the idea of staying in an historical piece of architecture located in the heart of downtown, then you’ll want to book your room ASAP. But just because it’s downtown, don’t let that fool you. While you’ll be close to shops and attractions, you’ll also be right on the beach. In fact, it’s the ONLY beachfront hotel in downtown.

The building also overlooks the cruise port (hello gorgeous sunsets) and offers guests a private beach to lounge the hours away. For those with a bit more energy to spend, there is also an outdoor freshwater pool as well as paddleboards and kayaks for your use.

And when you need to refuel, there are two fantastic onsite restaurants as well as a charming coffee shop. Sleeping at night is easy in the well-appointed and comfortable suites. There is simply nothing to not like about this wonderful hotel.

British Colonial Hilton Nassau
One Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas

Sandals Resort Nassau

Well now it’s not every day that you can spend in a resort that can boasts its own offshore island. But this one can!

The Sandals Resort in Nassau offers sophistication and a level of luxury not found in many other places around the Bahamas. This place is so luxurious that it was once a favorite destination of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Guests are treated to excellent service as well as gourmet dining at 10 – count them 10 – specialty restaurants. Oh, and let’s not forget the award-winning spa, suites with butler service, and airport transfers in a Rolls-Royce or Mercedes-Benz for those butler guests.

The bottom line is, if you have the budget and you’d love to be pampered this vacation, this is the resort for you!

Sandals Royal Bahamian
W Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas

Things to Do on Nassau


While we definitely feel swimming with dolphins at Blue Lagoon and booked with Dolphin World should be at the top of your list, there are some other excellent activities to be had in Nassau.

Pig Beach

About the only thing more adorable than dolphins are pigs that want to swim and hang out with you. Take a powerboat ride visiting some of the islands that make up an archipelago of 365 tiny Bahamian islands and cays, stopping at Pig Beach to swim with these giant but lovable animals. You may also get a chance to see nurse sharks and Bahamian rock iguanas. Lunch is included, making for an excellent day.

A tour company that does this excursion

Hidden Beaches Bahamas
Ferry Terminal Paradise Island Nassau N.P, Bahamas
(754) 216-4832

Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour

(242) 601-1725

I’ve always believed if you want to get to know an area well, you need to walk around and eat as much food as possible! On this excellent food tour, you’ll taste treats from both local-approved eateries and trendy up-and-coming restaurants. Feast on classic conch fritters, Bahamian mac ‘n’ cheese, and handmade truffles—washed down by specialty cocktails. You seriously don’t want to miss this one.

Queen’s Staircase

Elisabeth Ave, Nassau, Bahamas

Also known as the 66 steps, the Queen’s Staircase is one of the biggest landmarks in the area. The attraction was hewn out of solid limestone rock by slaves between 1793 and 1794 and it is said that it provided a direct route from Fort Fincastle to Nassau City. A fun afternoon providing many great photo ops.

Local Information

Great Location for a Vacation or a Quick Get Away!



If you’ve never been to the Bahamas you may assume that the weather is perfect year-round. Well that depends on your idea of perfect. The truth is, Nassau’s summers can be downright hot, humid and oppressive. Winters are more comfortable and drier and windier.

Over the course of the year, the temperature in Nassau ranges from 66°F to 90°F and is rarely below 59°F or above 93°F. Depending on how hot you like it, I would say the best time to visit is either in the spring (mid March to mid May) or in the fall (late October to mid December) to get the most idyllic weather and temperatures on your side.


The Bahamas always have something awesome going on year-round. You can find out what may be happening during your vacation by visiting this website.

Helpful Travel Links

Bahamas Chamber of Commerce

Nassau Airport

Without question, Nassau, Bahamas are a beautiful place to visit, offering many wonderful activities for you and your family to enjoy. But hands down the most exciting thing to do has to be swimming with dolphins at Dolphin World. It’s just something you’ll never forget!

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