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Dolphin Swim Miami Photos

There is plenty to do in South Florida, from Alligator shows, to wonderful snorkeling in the ocean but nothing beat swimming with the dolphins Miami. You will love the Dolphin Swim where you get to pet and play with the dolphins plus get an amazing ride across the pool too! We have Dolphin Encounter program too for non-swimmers and the young. So get off Miami Beach and head over to Key Biscayne Miami for the time of your life. You will have a memory to last a life time.

Seal Encounter Miami Photos

The Seal Encounter in Miami is very unique because not too many facilities have Harbor Seals. You will see plenty of Sea Lion interactions but not seals. Seals are smaller and slower than their counterpart the sea lion. You will totally enjoy swimming with seals in Miami. Check out these photos to see why.

Sea Trek Miami Photos

The Miami Sea Trek is a special underwater trek through a 300, 000 gallon aquarium with tons of fish and rays and a moray eel. You will spend 20 minutes under the water and you don’t need to be scuba certified to do this. You will love the Sea Trek Miami.

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