Oahu Dolphin Exploration
Includes: Dolphin Exploration Program – It is a 30 minutes in the water with 1 Dolphin with a group size of 6 participants maximum. Where 3/4 of the time is on a platform where you pet, hold and play with the dolphin. With the rest of the time, you go into deep water, 10 - 15 feet of water, where you continue to pet and play with 1 dolphin. No Rides in the deep water. At the end, you will enjoy moments of great spontaneity during your deep water together. It is an unforgettable experience! Plus, General Admission to Park, Marine Animal Shows, Animal Exhibits, 1 FREE Photo for each participant. 8 years old and up. Book Now!
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Oahu General Admission
Includes: General Admission – A  full day of activities where the heart meets the sea. This Oahu attraction is a place to enjoy the company of dolphins, sea lions, rays, sharks, native fish and more. With a focus on educational and interactive programs, Sea Life Park is small enough and easy to walk around and diverse with plentiful of activities and shows to be a full-day destination.
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Oahu Hawaiian Reef Encounter
Includes: The Hawaiian Reef Encounter Program – A 30 minute swim in a special lagoon and meet these curious animals face-to-face as they glide through the water. There is no better place to go swimming with tropical fish on Oahu! Using flotation vests, a snorkel, and a mask, participants can observe and interact with local tropical fish and feed them too. These graceful marine fish are gentle and friendly. Program includes General Admission to Park, Dolphin Show, Marine Tour, and other Marine Animal Shows. 4 years old and up. Book Now!
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