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The Dolphin Swim is an activity that never seems to lose its momentum. Because of this experience uniqueness and rarity, it is a fascinating opportunity in any individual’s life, whether young or old, athletic or not, whatever the person status, a swim with dolphins can no less be described than simply magical.

Yet, the question has arisen by those that are practical, how does one even swim with the dolphins? Besides simply floating effortlessly next to them, how do you actually do it, are their techniques, different ways of approaching them, and different names to the types of swims? All, very valid and reasonable questions, after all this is not an activity most of us embark upon each and every day.

What Can I Expect During My Dolphin Swim?

The first thing you need to know is the protocol of how to interact with a dolphin, first is the very obvious facts, don’t hit the dolphin, scream at them, hurt or abuse them in anyway so that they will quickly comply with your trainer’s requests. This goes without saying and of course you will be banned from the facility if you do this. Also never insert your fingers into any of the holes of the dolphins including its blowhole in which it uses to breathe. Always follow the Trainers instructions to the letter, do not divert or modify anything they say to better suite your personal experience with the dolphins. Still on Protocol, when gripping the dorsal fin ride of the dolphin never pull hard down on the dolphin, but gently rap your hands firmly around the fin as it attempts to pick you up to swim with you. Always treat the dolphin as you would any human being, with courtesy and respect so that it may return the favor.

Dolphin Dorsal Fin Ride

Now that we have covered dolphin protocol we can begin talking about the actual swimming encounters with the dolphin. Let’s start with the most common, The Dorsal Fin Ride, this ride is the most common ride you may do with a dolphin. You will get this behavior in most of our locations in Florida, Hawaii, Mexico and Caribbean. It is basically compromises of you floating in a Tee Position in the middle of the water with your right hand outstretched or left (if you are left handed) and upon the trainers command a dolphin will begin to swim towards you and will begin to veer slightly of course as to come right next to you so you will have a window of 2-3 seconds where the dolphin will present its dorsal fin clearly in the air next to your out reached arm. You will have the opportunity to reach and grab onto it so that he may pull you through the water the rest of the way to the end of the pool. This in essence is the Dorsal fin ride and it is among the basic activity of the swim with the dolphins program.

Dolphin Belly Ride

If you thought the Dorsal fin ride was pretty cool, just wait for what we have next, the not so common belly ride, most people tend to very much enjoy the peck ride, the peck or the dolphins two swimming fins is what is used in this ride to carry you across the water. You mostly get this behavior in Mexico and the Caribbean. Essentially it is a very similar set up, you are in the middle of the water and both hands are outstretched this time, on the trainers command the dolphin will begin to swim towards you but upside down, where his two peck fins will be clearly shown in the air, as he begins to get closer you have to time the ride correctly also a window of 2-3 seconds where you must then gently but firmly grab onto the two peck fins of the dolphin and ride him, the dolphin is propelling both you and himself with primarily the power of his tail fin, goes to show just how stupendously good swimmers dolphins really are.

Dolphin Foot Push

Finally we come to the rarest of the dolphin swim rides is the toe push ride, which is commonly called the Superman ride. This behavior is given in the Florida Keys, Hawaii, Caribbean, and Mexico. Those who have already experienced it covet it deeply. And those who have only heard of it only fear it. It’s the equivalent of Space Mountain and the Hulk combined except the roller coasters essentially are dolphins. So enough with the suspense, what on earth is the toe push. Well to put it frankly the name says it all, the toe push is where you have two dolphins swim underneath the water and use just their noses to push your feet, one for each foot, up and through the water and actually catapult you into the air to simulate the feeling of flight. Needless to say many people are fearful initially when they hear this is what will happen, however we can say with great confidence that every participant that has ever done the toe push ride has loved it and wanted to do it again and again. The toe push ride is the most popular of the swim activities and is done in most locations, but in Florida only in the Florida Keys location, so check your location if this is important to you.

Dolphin Natural Swim

Lastly, the Natural Type swim is where you get to free swim with the dolphins in a controlled environment. This way the trained dolphin can swim next to you, stop or slow down for you so you can feel and see the dolphin up close. These majestic creatures are not truly appreciated until you are up close with them. All the rides with the dolphins are amazing but these natural behaviors let the dolphin move at a human’s pace, which is slow because these animals are so fast in the water. This special dolphin behavior is very unique and only offered in a few selected locations, Florida Keys, St. Augustine, and Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

Advanced Reservations are a Must!

Now we come to the practical section of this article, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to tempt you with all these tantalizing, exciting and exhilarating stunts that anyone can experience with the dolphins without informing you just how you can implement them and make reservations for them. Dolphin World has been the main Dolphin supplier for quality, safe, fun dolphin swim activities worldwide for 17 years. If you are going somewhere on a vacation there is a good chance we might have a dolphin swim for you.

Take a vacation now; take some time off from the everyday grind and monotony and experience life to the fullest with an experience to truly match. Try a one of a kind Dolphin swim activity today, but don’t delay Winter, Spring and the Summer times are our busiest times of year and you need a reservation in advance, so make your reservations now to ensure this experience for you and your family and friends.


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