Dolphin Programs for Everyone in the Dominican Republic
  • August 19, 2020
  • By John McNamara

When you think of a tropical paradise, visions of crystal clear water, pristine beaches, swaying palm fronds and riots of wildflowers most likely spring to mind. If so, you’re pretty much
envisioning the Dominican Republic.

As one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries, the DR also boasts stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, and charming colonial architecture. There is always a
plethora of activities for visitors to partake in, but perhaps the most exciting are the dolphin programs at Ocean World.

Swim with Dolphins

Puerto Plata Dolphin Royal Dolphin Swim

The Swim with the  Dolphins program in Puerto Plata  is for those individuals who want to create memories that last a lifetime. There is no other activity quite like it.

Before meeting your new dolphin friends, you will watch an informational video and go through a sort of training to prepare you. This will help you understand your own behavior and how it
relates to dolphin behavior. Once this is complete, you will slip into a life vest then slip into the warm water to meet the dolphins!

Your thirty-minute adventure will include handshakes and belly rubs, kisses and hugs. You’ll also get to experience a real thrill with a dorsal fin ride. This is where you hold on to the fin and
your dolphin pal pulls you around the pool for a ride. You won’t believe how fast these dolphins can swim – you’ll feel like you’re flying. You’ll also have the opportunity to float in the water and
watch your dolphin jump and twirl over you.

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Dolphin Encounter

Puerto Plata Amber Coast Dolphin Encounter

For those visitors who are very young, quite old, or who perhaps are not the strongest, most confident swimmers, there is the dolphin encounter , which takes place in shallow water. Also a
thirty-minute adventure, and one perfect for the whole family, the dolphin encounter program will let you touch, feed, and kiss your dolphin pal.

Scuba Diving with Dolphins

lady scuba diver with dolphin

For those visitors who are really looking for an adrenaline rush you may scuba dive with the dolphins in Puerto Plata. There is simply nothing like it. You’ll be UNDER the water with the
dolphins in their natural habitat, and will be able to see how they really behave and act.

Rest assured, you don’t have to be a certified diver to take part in this adventure. You may also take a one-day resort coarse to participate. How far down will you dive? About 15 – 20 feet
below water. Now, if you thought it was cool to be pulled around by a dolphin on the surface of the water, you won’t believe what it’s like down below! Diving with dolphins will be an
experience you won’t soon forget.

New Cruise Port, Amber Cove

Amber Coast Port

One of the best ways to visit and travel around the Caribbean is on a cruise ship. Well, the Dominican Republic has built a gorgeous, state-of-the-art cruise port named Amber Cove.
What’s so great about it?

To start, it opened up Puerto Plata as a cruise destination once again. The area had been closed to cruise ships for over 30 years. Second, there is also a fantastic transportation hub in
the port that gives visitors access to rental cars, taxi services, and a long list of shore excursions. AND…

Once of those excursions – and the most popular one – just happens to be swimming with the dolphins at Ocean’s World. So if you are thinking about taking a cruise down to the Caribbean,
you’ll have the opportunity to take part in the great programs we just mentioned.

If you’ve always had a dream of interacting with dolphins, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic is your ideal destination. Not only will you have an absolute blast with these lovely
creatures, but you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the fascinating region and meet some of the friendliest people on Earth!

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