We Got It All in Panama City Beach – Dolphins, Shows and Exhibits!
  • December 1, 2020
  • By John McNamara

Gulf World, located in the Florida Panhandle offers a variety of different performances and lifetime opportunities all in the same area, swim with dolphins in Panama City Beach, shows and animal exhibits. Depending on what your mood is, you can always find something fun and memorable to do at the park! So plan on at least 3 to 4 hours to see and do everything, especially if you participate in one of the dolphin program.

Dolphin’s Bask In Your Attention!

Before or after your dolphin program, you can continue your family fun with one of the dolphin performances. You can experience the bottlenose dolphin show.  This show is big draw to the park. As the description implies, this performance features bottlenose dolphins that showcase their skill sets and grace for you. You will see them jumping high in the air and do flips and tricks mid jump. They will also swim upside down with their flukes in the air, waving them back and forth showcasing their great balance. The trainers will ride on the backs of the dolphins and have them come up on land and strike a pose for the audience. The dolphin will bask in the attention given him and will perform the grand finale with the rest of the dolphins and display their amazing coordination and discipline as they jump high in the air in perfect synchronization.

Dolphin Show Panama City Beach
The Dolphin Show is the Main Headline Act

Rough Tooth Dolphin and Sea Lion – Too Much Fun!

Another performance to see is the sea lion and rough tooth dolphin show really brings two creatures that, though sometimes not really associated with one another, give an amazing and beautiful performance. The performance will start with them coming out of the water and greeting each other with a kiss. They will jump high in the air in order to reach their trainer and touch their noses to the trainer’s hand, as they gracefully slip back under the water and circle each other in support and joy of your applauding and cheering. You will get to play ball with them and as a grand finale, will jump high in the air, doing flips, in perfect synchronization.

There are other fun shows to see like Sea Lions

Not All Is Marine Life!

This park is very unique in that it not only showcases the marine life, but also exotic birds and even dogs. The dogs will perform tricks on stage for your viewing and entertainment, so that you don’t miss that little taste of home in such a different land surrounded by water animals. The birds will also perform an interactive show in which they perform daring stunts and go greet members of the audience.

Other members of the animal kingdom that also make an appearance are the reptiles. You will get to see performances with alligators, lizards, and snakes. And to make sure these animals do not bore you, special appearances also are made by tarantulas and toads. They also offer a magic show to really give you that extra layer of illusion and beauty to the entire trip.

Interactive Family Fun Shows

Scuba Diving Adventure!

You will also have the opportunity to see how scuba diving is done and explore the sea floor and underwater life. You will have the opportunity to see schools of fish, sting rays swimming below you and gliding by you, as well as keep an eye out for the moray eel all through a huge glass window. This way you can stay dry and watch what the scuba diver is doing under the water. This really gives you an up close and personal feel of the ocean and its inhabitants. It is one thing to swim with the dolphins on the surface and a whole other thing to see the underwater habitat and experience it first-hand. Plus, the park also offers you opportunities to feed the sharks and sea turtles.

Swim with dolphins panama City beach
There is a Dolphin program for anyone!

Swimming with Dolphins

If you truly want to get into the action, you need to Dolphin Programs in Panama City Beach Florida. This premiere park which is within driving distance to Pensacola Beach, Navarre Beach and Ft Walton Beach. You need to plan to enjoy either the Royal Swim, the most time in deep water with the dolphins, or the Dolphin Swim Adventure, you get one ride with the dolphin or the Dolphin Encounter, shallow water only program. One these programs are right for you your family.

This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity where everyone can have fun and enjoy at least one part of this wonderful adventure. The park makes sure that if you go you will enjoy something they have and will go home with memories that will never be forgotten. It will truly be the experience of a lifetime!

Dolphins and Shows in Panama City Beach

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