Swimming with Dolphins in Ocho Rios Jamaica
  • June 12, 2019
  • By John McNamara

When you think of Jamaica, you may well hear it in your head before you see it. The island seems to groove to its own languid rhythms. Besides being known for its fantastic reggae music, Jamaica is also known for delicious cuisine. Just try and not devour a plate of jerk chicken, rice, fried plantains and pigeon peas.

But perhaps what Jamaica is best known for is its stunning landscapes. The island’s lush topography of mountains, rainforests and reef-lined beaches is the perfect backdrop for a vacation of peace, relaxation, and maybe just a little adventure.

And speaking of adventure, if you’re looking for some, you simply can’t beat swimming with dolphins in Ocho Rios!

Swim with Dolphins Ocho Rios

Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica Ocho Rios

Maybe we’re biased, but it sure seems like dolphins are the coolest animals on the entire planet.They are one of the smartest, if not THE smartest.

Traditionally, large brains are associated with greater intelligence. Well, did you know the brain of a bottlenose dolphin is roughly 25% heavier than the average adult human brain? But a more accurate measure of intelligence can be interpreted in what’s called the “encephalisation
quotient” (EQ). Bottlenose dolphins have EQs that are more than double those of our closest relatives: gorillas have 1.76, chimpanzees 2.48, bottlenose dolphins 5.6. The bottlenose’s EQ is surpassed only by a human’s, which measures 7.4 Not only are dolphins incredibly smart, they are also friendly and love spending time with people, swimming, playing, and generally frolicking. If you’ve ever wanted to swim with dolphins,
now is your chance! Dolphin World in Ocho Rios offers visitors the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal to these amazing creatures.

The facility offers a few different swim programs, so you’re sure to find one that suits you and the members of your family.

There is a shallow water program for little children or those who are not strong swimmers. Here you can kiss and pet your new friends and watch them do flips and tricks all around you. For strong swimmers and those seeking more of a thrill, there is the ultimate swim experience. In deeper water, you can not only swim next to the dolphins, but also grab onto their fin for a dorsal fin pull ride from one side of the pool to the other. You’ll feel like you’re flying.

But perhaps the most thrilling moment of this program is during the foot-push, when you feel all the strength of your new friends while they push you across the water from the bottom of your feet. It is truly “the experience of a lifetime!”

Good News! Now There’s a Sister Company in Negril Jamaica

negril dolphin swim program

Though Jamaica is a tiny island compared to some, it is still big enough and you don’t want to have to spend your vacation in a car, driving from back and forth from various points of interest.

Well, we have good news! Dolphin world now has another facility in Negril, Jamaica, so if you’re vacationing on that side of the island, you can still have thrills and adventures without having to drive far. Click here if you want to find out about swimming with dolphins in Montego Bay / Negril

Convenient Transportation

Dolphin Swim Jamaica Transportation

Round-trip transportation is available from the dolphin facility in the Ocho Rios and Montego Bay areas. For an additional cost, a clean and comfortable 15-passenger minivan picks up guests from most locations, brings them to the park, then returns them at the end of the day.

You can request transportation when making your reservation. If you make your reservation online, you will see a comment box on the payment form. You will need to put your transportation request in this comment box.

Round Trip Transportation to Lucea Dolphin Facility:

 Grand Palladium/Fiesta($8pp)

 Negril($20pp)

 Montego Bay ($20pp)

 Tryall ($20pp)

 Whitehouse ($60pp)

 Trelawny ($35pp)

Round Trip Transportation to Ocho Rios Dolphin Facility:

 Couples San Souci($12pp)

 Couples Tower Isle($20pp)

 Boscobel($25pp)

 Runaway Bay($25pp)

Cruise Ship Passengers must take a taxi or private car.

Where to Stay

Sandals Royal Plantation

Jamaica has many lovely accommodations, but if we had to highlight just one near one of the dolphin swim facilities, we would tell you about Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios. How does staying in Sandal’s only “All-Butler Boutique Resort” sound?

With only 74 ocean view suites, you’re ensured tranquility and privacy. Spend your days lounging on the beach as delicious drinks are brought to you by your own, private butler. Perhaps you’d like to play a round at nearby Sandals Golf & Country Club, then have afternoon tea on your terrace as ocean breezes slide past your sun-kissed skin.

You will be absolutely pampered at Sandals Royal Plantation. The design and furnishing mix understated elegance with historic charm. Those guests enjoying the exquisitely-furnished villas will have access to their own private patio and pool. And, guests will be able to enjoy Jamaica’s
only champagne and caviar bar.

There is simply too much to say about this fabulous resort. It really must be experienced to be believed.

There is so much beauty and adventure waiting for you in Jamaica. This is really a magical island. When you combine the beauty of the island with something as amazing as swimming with dolphins, you’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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