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Dolphin Paradise Within a Oahu Paradise
  • December 15, 2020
  • By John McNamara

At Sea Life Park Hawaii there are a variety of things to entertain you and help you make those memorable memories you always wanted to make with any vacation. Along with the paradise and exotic flavor Oahu Hawaii naturally brings, Sea Life Park enhances it with the unique and priceless dolphin encounters you have with all kinds of marine life.

Upon arrival at the park,  you are met with the beautiful greenery and birds. Their songs fill the air as the sun warms you with its rays, welcoming you into a paradise within a paradise. Here the boundaries between the marine life and you do not exist. Lizards scurry along the path as you make your way to the many shows that are offered to the guests plus your swim with dolphins in Oahu program.

Hello Dolphins!

First and foremost you have the dolphins that are just awaiting your arrival. Along with the beautiful shows and tricks performed before you with the trainers, there also the opportunity to swim with them. You go from the audience to the dolphin’s personal world. That barrier that previously existed between you two is no longer there.

As you approach the water, there is excitement visible as the dolphin splashes around and squeaks at the excitement of your arrival. You make your way into the water and the trainer has a short educational orientation with you so you can better value and understand the wonderful creature you are about to form a lifelong bond with. The dolphin approaches you and turns upside down, asking for a belly rub. He squeaks and splashes you with joy and returns to you once more asking for more attention, as you rub your hand along the top of his body.

The Royal Swim gets you 2 dolphins!

The dolphin starts to splash you again and it is time for a dance. He squeaks with joy as he swims upward on his flukes and dances with you, growing more excited at the sound of your laughter. You get to hug the playful marine animal and the encounter ends with a hug from the beautiful creature. The dolphin squeaks with joy at the playtime he just had with you and splashes water at you as you turn to leave. Reminding you he is waiting for you to visit again and play with him. Remember, you will have to pick either the dolphin swim where you get a ride with the dolphin or the dolphin encounter where you are in shallow water only.

When you sign up for a dolphin program, here are your main choices, the Exploration is where you get deep water time with the dolphins.  The Dolphin Encounter is in shallow water only, no rides. Since you are reading this post, you have to time to investigate the best dolphin program in Oahu. You don’t want to wait to book this program because it sells out quickly. You would want to reserve one these programs at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Playtime with the Sea Lions

The next stop is the sea lion show where you get to see the most awkward and adorable marine animal perform the cutest tricks you can possibly see. He’ll bark with joy as the applause excites him and pushes him to give his best performance. Watching a sea lion dance is possibly one of the cutest things ever to see. When the show is over, he’ll role on his belly and give you a pleading face, asking for your praise and laughs.

Sea Lion Encounter
Other Shows in the Park

There is also an opportunity where you can get up close and personal with the sea lions on your time in your own way with the sea lion encounter. They’ll perch up against the wall of the exhibit and look at you with pleading eyes for love and attention. They’ll beg for you to pet and feed them and they’ll bark with joy. You may want to do a combo program, sea lions and dolphins. This a great day at the park.

Stingrays and Sea Turtles Time!

There is also an opportunity for you to swim with the stingrays, possibly one of the most misunderstood creatures of the sea. You’ll feed and pet them as you swim with these beautiful sea giants. You’ll be amazed at how gentle these giants are when they gracefully glide under your awaiting hand.

Turtle Encounter
Many Animal Exhibits including Turtles

There is also the sea turtle encounter. You will get to pet the shell of this beautiful sea creature, and touch its flipper. A rare thing, is the chance to get up close and personal with a sea turtle. Not many parks give you the opportunity to bond with one of the oldest marine animals in the world, but at Sea Life Park Hawaii, you get to create a memory you can make only here.

Friends and beautiful memories that last a lifetime await you at Sea Life Park Hawaii. When will you start making these priceless memories?

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