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Welcome Florida Concierge, the Gold Coast Concierge Association and Southern Florida Concierge Association Members! Dolphin World  would like to offer you 5% commissions per Participant / Observer, depending on which program you reserve for your customer. The higher the price of the program, the more money you will earn!! A great way to earn extra money with an activity your customer really will enjoy. In order to earn the money, you need to mention “Swim with the Dolphins” to your hotel guests and watch their faces light up. It’s an easy sale!!!

With constantly changing activities and schedules, thousands of vacation package choices, and a vast amount of information available on the Internet, travel planning can quickly become frustrating and time consuming. Dolphin World would like help you, as a concierge to service your guests, simplify the process, and boost your commissions.

At Dolphin World, we understand the challenges facing today’s Concierge in a changing and competitive marketplace. With commission payments ceasing from hotels, in addition to competition from the internet, many concierge find themselves in a difficult position. Dolphin World would like to help.

In an effort to find a profitable niche in the market, many concierge are specializing in activities for certain people groups, such as honeymooners, grandparents, or adventure travel groups. Dolphin World Travel Programs can please a variety of customer groups and could be just the niche you are looking for to service your clients.

Once you asses your customer’s vacation needs, simply contact Dolphin World. We’ll help you make the best possible travel arrangements to give your guests the perfect vacation experience. Our unique Swim with the Dolphins programs turn an average vacation into an extraordinary event.

Dolphin World will make it easy for you to promote our Swim with the Dolphins and other activity programs. That way, you can remain focused on the more important aspects of your job, like obtaining new clients. Dolphin World even helps concierge that are handling large groups, incentive travel programs, special-interest groups, and company-sponsored trips to our travel destinations. Submit the form today to find out how Dolphin World can help you.

Sign up with the form below and become a partner TODAY!!

We look forward to establishing a beautiful partnership together.

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