Charity and Donate

If you are someone with Stage 4 Cancer and wish to experience being with the dolphins, Dolphin World would be honored to give you 1 complimentary Dolphin Encounter and 1 observer Ticket to any of our locations. In order to get this complimentary ticket, you would need to do the following:

  1. You or someone in your family would need to write a Blog Post on the subject: “Why You Want to Be with the Dolphins”. This post must be 400 – 500 words or longer. You must enter in the post about your cancer and what stage it is in.
  2. You need to post at least one photo of you and/or your family. The more photos the better.
  3. If you don’t have a blog right now, you can use a friends blog or you can create your own blog on a Free Service like Blogger.
  4. You must add our link to our website, within the blog post.
  5. Once you have created the blog post, please email us the link of the post, your name, email, the date and location you wish to have your dolphin encounter, to
  6. It will take about 7 business days to email out the tickets after we have read and verified your blog post.
  7. This Free promotion does NOT include any flights, accommodations, or ground transportation.

Donate Now

If you wish to help us with giving more opportunities to give away Dolphin Encounters and you feel lead to donate to Dolphin World, please click the PayPal Donate button to make this contribution. We will also make contributions to Make-a-Wish to help terminally ill children to experience the dolphins too.

Thank you!!

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